This page contains news items about updates and initiatives on safer drinking vessels as well as relevant general news from the press.

F1 driver sentenced over glassing

Formula One driver Adrian Sutil given an 18-month suspended sentence and fined for causing grievous bodily harm with a champagne glass.

Brain-injury victim lobbies pubs over glass bottles

A man from Cornwall left brain injured after being attacked with a glass bottle is campaigning to stop pubs and bars using them after nine o'clock at night.

First came the plastic cork, now get ready for the paper wine bottle

A UK-based company offers biodegradable packaging for wine.

Fresh call for alcohol glass ban

To eliminate the use of glass as a weapon, alcoholic drinks should be served in plastic glasses and bottles claims researcher.

Last orders for pint glass as we know it?

Two new prototypes for beer glasses have been unveiled as part of a UK programme to reduce glassing injuries.