This page contains news items about updates and initiatives on safer drinking vessels as well as relevant general news from the press.

Man glassed in Australian mall

Victoria police have said that a man has been glassed during a brawl in Melbourne's east after a fight broke out between five men at Box Hill mall. The 34-year-old victim was treated for wounds to the head and back.

Man charged over glassing at Wakefield Hotel

Australian police have arrested a man over a glassing at an Adelaide pub that left the victim requiring hospital treatment for facial lacerations.

Man jailed for glassing face of ex-partner's boyfriend

Gladstone District Court has sentenced Thomas Samuel Atua to eight months in prison after the 50-year-old New Zealander pleaded guilty to one count of unlawful wounding when he glassed the face of his ex-partner's new boyfriend in the  Rocky Glen Hotel in 2012.

TV star accused of smashing pint glass into woman's face in a bar brawl

Former soap opera star Crystal Hunt has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon in connection a glass-hurling incident at Pearl's Liquor Bar in West Hollywood that left a woman injured.

Glass attack student escapes jail

Student Ben Dunne (18) has been given a community order after he assaulted and injured a man with a glass ‘in the heat of the moment’ during a row at the house in west Dublin.