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Jailed for glassing man in city centre bar

A drunken man who threw a pint glass in a ‘nasty and vicious attack’ has been jailed for two years. John Paul Doherty, must serve an additional three years on licence following his release after picking up a pint glass and thowing it into the face of his victim. The man suffered a number of cuts and lacerations which later needed over 15 stitches and resulted in perminent residual scaring.

Scottish woman jailed for Belfast 'glassing'

A Scottish woman who hit a woman in the forehead with a glass in a Belfast nightclub must serve 15 months in custody and 15 months on licence. Her victim suffered a deep laceration, which has left a permanent scar, and needed over a dozen external sutures, in addition to a number of internal stitches.

Perth nightclub glassing - man charged

A man was today charged follwing an alleged glassing at the Paramount Nightclub on New Years Day thisa year. The victim received four stitches to a cut above his eye.

Sexual text messages blamed for glassing

Dannielle Staferton, 22, has been jailed for four and a half years for thrusting a champagne glass into Carissa Eton’s left eye, leaving her with permanent eye damage and requiring 16 stitches. Luton Crown Court was told the glassing was inspired by  “sexual texts” sent to Staferton's boyfriend by Eton.

Man glassed at Paignton pub

Police are appealing for witnesses after a glassing at a Paignton pub which left a man needing seven stitches after a pint glass was smashed over his forehead.