Aluminium is cold to touch, refreshing to drink from, and does not break or shatter on impact. It can be used for a variety of beverage categories, from beer and alcoholic mixers to energy drinks and aromatic infusions.

Consumers are used to aluminium cans although these tend not to be used as drinking vessels in bars. When in a club or bar some customers prefer to drink from a bottle. One option is Rexam’s Fusion bottle, an aluminium product available in various sizes.


Aluminium is easily recyclable.



Pewter is an alloy made of tin, bismuth, antimony, and sometimes copper or silver, modern pewter does not contain lead. The metal is quite soft and can be damaged if dropped, but such damage is likely to result in denting and is unlikely to produce shards.

Pewter does not withstand high temperatures and is not suitable for use with harsh detergents.


Pewter can be remelted and reused.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel vessels are easily stackable and do not break or shatter on impact. They can be washed in commercial dishwashing processes without harm.


Steel is easily recyclable.