Information for distributors

Retail and the distributor

The retailer or distributor should be aware of the different performance characteristics available and be able to advise the customer on purchase options. The manufacturer may refer to annealed, rim tempered, foot tempered or fully tempered glassware, while the distributor may refer to 'toughened' or 'not toughened'.  These terms should be defined at the point of sale.

The manufacturer is responsible for the initial quality of the container irrespective of the material employed. All drinking vessels should conform to a minimum standard and should be fit for purpose. The manufacturer is responsible for providing information on the correct use and handling of the container.

It is recommended that adequate training should be provided to point of sale staff so that they are familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of the various materials available.


Most glassware is pre-boxed and steps should be taken to prevent damage in transit.  A surface spray can be applied to glassware prior to shipment to reduce scratching; however, this cannot be totally avoided. Information concerning the vessel's material and safety advice should be provided in an information panel on the box or separately within it.